Monday, May 19, 2008

We had a blast at Startup Weekend. Look what we made!

Eight of us worked 56 hours from 6pm Friday to Sunday night for an amazing endeavor called Startup Weekend. You can read about the progress at the Express News tech blog (including a photo of me flashing an Alamo Beer) or here's our press release for our beta project. Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to.
Feel free to spread the word. We had a hoot and need a nap...
...Perchance to dream!
Yip!  - Joe Barfield
What do you dream?

SAN ANTONIO, TX, May 19, 2008 For immediate release, direct from the
technological heart of San Antonio, eight bright entrepreneurs dare to
ask: what do you dream?

The web has been breaking barriers of communication in
revolutionary new ways, and hot on the heels of popular social
networking sites like Twitter and community created content databases
like Wikipedia, comes an entertaining way to tell the world who you
really are.

Introducing a simple social community to talk about
your dreams, analyze others, and a vote on the most interesting or
funny analyses. All of this without any barrier to entry, just simply
post you're thoughts and optionally add an email address for updates
on your post. also integrates with Twitter and Facebook, to
quickly post updates and to expand the social network.

"It's an amazing fun tool that's going to help people connect
and I love that little sheep." says the buzz online. "It's simple and
fun, and it adds another layer of the interaction. We support targeted
smart google ads based on keywords in your dream. It's really
intuitive and fun." says CEO Peter Haik.

Check out and post your dream or discuss one with others.

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